Thursday, July 6, 2017

Birds and Cows...

Happy Sunday afternoon! 
I hope you have been able to enjoy a nap in the cool air conditioning or by a pool somewhere. I pray for people that don't have the comfort of air conditioning on a day like this. Whew. Central Texas in the summer. Hot. Hot. Hot. 

A few quotes from our preacher this morning. He was speaking about laziness or being a sluggard.

Good things don't just happen. 
They require effort and hard work. Prov. 15:19

The remedy for laziness is diligence. Prov. 12:24

Work with your hands, win respect, support yourself. 
1 Thess. 3:10-13

We have recently moved to a different house (boy was that a lot of work) and it has taken weeks for any birds to find our well, my bird feeders. (My husband is not at all attached to birds like I am.) Finally a few weeks ago I lured them in with some cranberry flavored seed. 
Our granddaughter loves seeing them. They are really beautiful. 
 A week or so ago I realized that a wren had built a nest in our front door wreath. I have no idea how she can stand the door being opened and closed so much but so far she is hanging in there. 
 Yesterday we saw these little beauties.

This guy is nuts. For about 2 weeks he has sat on this branch and then flown directly into our big picture window in the back yard. Over and over and over. Weird. Doesn't he look crazy? 
Maybe he has knocked some sense into that pretty red head of his. 

On a quick trip to my papa's ranch a week or so ago we drove around and saw so many precious new little calves. I love this picture.

So, here's looking at you! Talk to you soon. :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1st Session Camp Blue Haven

The beauty of the water and mountains is breathtaking and lovely. The smell of the pine trees, water and the grass brings back memories of many many sweet summers. 
The peace of the Tecolote river and the view of the wooden cross by the opening and closing campfire amphitheater make my heart beat slower and steady and bless my mind to focus. This place is a tranquil spot that brings peace and renewal.
As lovely as the surroundings are if the people are not there it really is not what it is meant to be. It is just a quiet, beautiful place. Throw the people in and there is a energy and beauty that one cannot describe. I think the buzz and excitement come from everyone being so very focused on helping campers and ourselves see God more clearly and giving the encouragement to walk with Him night and day for every day after we leave this place.

How blessed we all were to be away from the crazy world for a week. May that time spent help us to see that we can stand strong in this chaotic world and show love and compassion and Jesus to others. We loved these campers:

 Shouldn't every church have this focus and goal?
 Hermits Peak behind three of our favorites-
This old barn holds so many memories and if you listen close you can hear the whispers of worship songs and words of God embedded into its frame and in the air. 

 When you mix together good old fashioned fun with God lessons and talk it seems that there is a purity of thought and life. There is joy in the Lord. Thankful.
Our big push this summer was to encourage and help our campers to BE IN THE WORD daily.  To see that it is alive and that God is alive and real and that He lives in us when we take Him on in baptism and lay our lives down. We can't ignore the Spirit of God living in us. What a waste if we do.
Oh how we love this place. 
God forsakes me never.
God bless Blue Haven forever.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fort Davis, Texas

Spring time just would not seem right to us without a trip to Fort Davis, Texas. The air is cool, in fact it is normally the coolest place temperature wise in Texas especially in the summer time.  The history and feel of the place is far more cool than the temps.  Below is the Fort Davis National Historic Site. You can hike about 3 miles on a nice trail from the fort over the The Davis Mountains State Park. Gorgeous views along the way. 
 History in a Pecan Shell

The county, town and fort were all named after Jefferson Davis, although the county had originally been Presidio County. Fort Davis was named prior to Davis' term as President of the Confederate States. As U.S. Secretary of War - Davis signed the order establishing the facility and was thus honored.

Originally the site of the fort was an Indian camp. A stage stop was set up in 1850 for the mail route between San Antonio and El Paso with a man named Diedrick Dutchover in charge. The Fort was formed in 1854 to billet the troops needed to patrol and protect the area from Apaches.

During the Civil War, the Confederate Army left Diedrick in charge of the fort, but he and his party were attacked by Apaches.and forced to abandon the place. In 1867, The Ninth U.S. Cavalry reoccupied the fort and the town experienced new growth as an important West Texascrossroads.

Ft. Davis had only 500 people in 1894, but the population remained between 700-1,200 for decades. Various plans to develop Ft. Davis as a tourist destination have failed over the years - not because they were bad ideas - but because of the deaths of the would-be developers. One such plan was instrumental in getting approval of Ft. Davis as a National Historic Site in 1961.

  • Fort Davis National Historic Site: Est. in 1854 - deactivated in 1891. This was the main Fort that garrisoned troops that patrolled the border from El Paso to San Antonio. The post was abandoned during the Civil War and re-occupied by troops of the 9th Cavalry. Museum. Open 9 to 5 daily except for major holidays. 
  • Davis Mountains State Park: 6 miles west of Ft. Davis on Park Road 3 off Hwy 118. 1,800 acres.
  • Overland Trail Museum : Former home of Nick Mersfelter, Barber, Justice of the Peace and versatile musician. Many historical relics of early life in the area
  • Chihuahuan Desert Visitor Center: A must-see for the visiting naturalist. On Hwy 118, 3.5 miles south of Ft. Davis. 915-364-2499. 
  • The McDonald Observatory: Nearby, on top of Mount Locke (Altitude 6,800 ft.) - 16 miles NW of Fort Davis. Managed and owned by the University of Texas. At the bottom of the mountain. Visitor's Center open daily 9 to 5. 1-877-984-7827.
    "There is one telescope here that’s owned by 5 universities, but not the whole complex. Everything here is managed and owned by the Univ. of Texas. Also, if anyone wants more information about the new Visitors Center here, they can check our website at or call our toll free information line at 1-877-984-7827. Enjoyed your site! Thanks." - Mark Cash, Public Affairs Specialist, U.T. McDonald Observatory, September 28, 2002 
  • Book Hotel Here > Alpine Hotels

    The Chamber of Commerce: 432-426-3015

  • Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains State Park-

     View from the top of the trail down into Davis Mountains State Park:

     Old Fashioned Soda Shop on the main street in Fort Davis.

    The Hotel Limpia. A walk back in time. Lovely.

     Limpia Cafe:
     On our way home we stopped at the invitation of my big brother to hear Aaron Watson sing. 
    What a treat and what a nice guy.
     Even more importantly it was my sweet sister in law's birthday. She never ages. Seriously. Neither do her friends. 

     Had to make a stop on the way home at the best place to eat in Fredricksburg. 
    Old German Bakery and Restaurant. Yum.

     When you start dreaming of a peaceful, remote and lovely place to spend a long weekend or week think Fort Davis and take me back with you. 

    Thursday, April 6, 2017

    Marfa. Kind of a Little Quirky Austin...

    I love Marfa, Tx. It is quiet, peaceful and weird.
    It has the Marfa Lights and a wonderful old hotel called The Paisano.
    The classic old movie called "Giant" was filmed in and around Marfa and the cast stayed in this hotel as they filmed. It is now a town full of mostly contemporary art museums and the weekends are busy with lots of visitors to see the lights to feel the peace and quiet and enjoy the quirk. :) The sunrises and sunsets are something to behold. Wonderful.

    We stayed at the lovely old Hotel Paisano . I think it might be my favorite hotel on this trip. It has a whimsical courtyard with a beautiful fountain and lots of snuggly seating areas to sit and visit. 

     Marfa courthouse on the square with the old Palace theater in the forefront.

     The balcony of our little bedroom. Great reading spot.

    There is also a very quirky, hip place called the El Cosmico. It has a hostel feel to it with unique trailers and t-pees and a yurt. Very cool. I hope to stay there some time.

    There are not many places to eat in Marfa but this pizza place I have heard is yummy. Wes visited a few weeks ago and said it was the best pizza he has ever eaten...Pizza Foundation

    We used to visit the Thunderbird restaurant in Marfa. It is no longer there and only the sign remains. Sad. We did get a chuckle out of the added words on the stop sign. 
    True. I have that thought quite often. I am sure my husband does too!

    See ya later Marfa. Hopefully soon.
    Last stop is Ft. Davis, Texas.

    Have a great day friends!